October 14, 2020

Covid-19(Coronavirus Disease)

Coronavirus Disease: This diseases changed our daily life in 2020. First of all, this virus spread in China late December 2019. Then the virus was spread all over the world. Many people has been died by attacking the virus. After few months later covid-19 came to Bangladesh in March 2020. After coming the virus to our country all people of Bangladesh were afraid. I'm also afraid because the covid-19 is different from others. Main reason is anyone can't see this virus.

Covid changed our lifestyle: This coronavirus disease was changed our lifestyle. In this time, we did not do anything for caring our life. Some people of Bangladesh was carried poor life. And they couldn't eat properly. Because their income source has been stopped by this pendamic setuations. All poor income people depends on relief.

Preventive healthcare: All countries government were arranged and managed ther health care system quickly. Because covid-19 attacked and damaged people body very quickly. Basically, old peoples were dangerous position (Doctors said). But I think that the covid could attack all classes people. And the virus wasn't strong to hard-working people. Because those people has fighting energy on their body. For this reason, they were able to get rid from covid-19.

Died people by covid: The number of died people in this world by covid-19 was very much. I don't want to mention the number of died people, because it was changeable all over the day.

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